The University of Southampton

Polypropylene-Based Nanodielectrics for HVDC Cables

Nanomaterials and Dielectrics, Solid dielectrics

The proposed work will focus on the HVDC cable related properties of PP-based nanocomposites. The characteristic of the nanodielectrics interphase will be the main research object because the interphase can be the dominant factor of nanodielectrics. The proposed work will dedicate to following issues:

• To formulate and characterise the interphase region between nano-fillers and the matrix in surface chemistry aspect. • To investigate how the surface state of nano-fillers affect the polymer-filler interphase. • To investigate the role of the interphase in determining the properties of nanodielectrics

Primary investigators

Secondary investigator

  • Xinyu Wang

Associated research group

  • Electronics and Computer Science
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