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Mobile multimedia communications have become part of everyday life right across the globe. However, the provision of flawless ‘tele-presence’ services requires a further quantum leap in research if we are to move forward from conventional mobile phones. Next Generation Wireless and its predecessors has been playing a key role in advancing wireless communications since the early 1980s throughout all consecutive generations of wireless standards.

Mobile multimedia communications have become part of everyday life right across the globe.

Given that mobile phones tend to outnumber the population in much of the developed world the tele-traffic demands have rocketed over the past few years and this trend is set to continue with the proliferation of tablet computers and smart phones.  The team is involved in the research of literally all the necessary enabling technologies to facilitate this quantum leap in the achievable network throughput, including all layers of the OSI protocol stack as well as their cross-layer operation. Just to mention a few examples, our research in multi-layer and holographic video communications requires radical cross-layer research across the entire protocol stack.

Long-term research in the group focuses on both communications theory and information theory as well as on visible light, free space optical and quantum communications. These analytical performance estimates then provide further ideas for high-impact industrially motivated research, which directly appeals to our industrial partners across the globe, working on next-generation systems.

Professor Lajos Hanzo
Professor Lajos Hanzo
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