The University of Southampton

Shoon Kit Lim MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2018

Coming to Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton really appealed to me because of the reputation for the high quality education and facilities here.

I wasn’t disappointed - they are cutting edge - there’s really nothing more I could ask for!

My course offers a broad range of options and specialisations to choose from - the coursework can be very challenging but tackles real world problems which gives us an excellent insight into life beyond university.

Careers and employability

ECS students have a great track record for employability. The department has well established partnerships with leading industrial developers in the science and technology field. There are frequent careers fairs organised by the University that give us the opportunity to meet up with potential employers such as Bloomberg, ARM, BAE Systems, IBM, JP Morgan, and PWC.

We also get lots of other networking and work experience opportunities. I joined an online start-up company which taught me some really valuable web development skills and I’m involved in an online embedded electronics community. I took part in a Hackathon and Game Jam event which was a 48-hour computer science/engineering challenge in teams of four or five, so this taught me how to work under pressure and gave me the opportunity to develop some team building skills too.

Research-led projects

For my individual project, I am working on the development of electroactive materials which are 3D printed onto fabrics, to become clothes or interior designs. Interactive displays on these smart fabrics connect using IoT technology so users can change the patterns on the fabrics wirelessly. It was quite a unique and challenging experience as most of the research conducted in this field is still in the preliminary stages.

There are lots of opportunities out there and no limits to what you can do; in fact so many interesting ideas keep popping into my head that I have a difficult time choosing what I might do in the future!