The University of Southampton

Adelaida Creosteanu BEng Software Engineering, 2019

Machine Learning Engineer Algnostics

Studying at Southampton was a great experience! I got the chance to explore different activities through student societies (Ultimate Frisbee, Salsa Society, Enactus and many others). I think lecturers were always open to questions and happy to help. I was given all the resources that I needed, and I like that the University was open to feedback and willing to change so it suited our needs even better.

An important thing that I did was being the vice president of the Business and Entrepreneurship society. We organised events to inform students about what they could do after graduation. One of the best experiences was helping Future Worlds with their largest event, Dragon’s Den, where aspiring student entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for real investment.

“The best thing about my course was the amount of practical experience that we received. I‘m quite a hands-on person, so I enjoyed being able to work more intensely on a piece of software.”


When I came to the University of Southampton open day, I was impressed by the facilities and the position of the University in the rank tables also played a role in my decision.

I think the computer labs are very well equipped and there’s enough space, especially now with the opening of the senior undergraduate labs. I actually think it allows me to work more efficiently!

Internship Experience

I had a three-month internship at Arm as a Software Intern. I worked a lot with C/C++ so I gained experience and confidence in coding and understanding complex architectures. I enjoyed the challenge that it posed. I was also lucky to make a lot of connections and friends, so I could easily say those were some of the happiest months in my life.

How Southampton helped shape my future career

Coming to Southampton was the best choice I could have made and it made me grow in a lot of ways: not only did I learn a lot about software and I became a valuable engineer, but I also gained experience working on my own and as part of a team. Finally, I explored other areas which now shape my personality.

The University definitely helped me get a clearer idea of how to shape my career. I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship through the university environment and by attending talks from Future Worlds. My long-term plan for my career is to join an early start-up that is creating a positive impact and help it become successful.

My current role

I now work as a Machine Learning Engineer at AIgnostics.  AIgnostics creates explainable AI for pathology. We help routine diagnosis and drug research. I work on improving and extending our machine learning infrastructure, as well as actually training and evaluating models.