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When you graduate from Electronics and Computer Science you will become part of the University’s 200,000-strong global alumni community that spans 178 countries.

Studying at Southampton has been a truly incredible experience – there are so many opportunities and facilities that you have access to. Whilst the learning can be intense, it pushes you and provides you with the knowledge needed to succeed in industry.
Lydia Moore
Your few years at University are the most precious and privileged opportunity that you'll probably ever get. Use every moment of your time there to discover yourself and your potential.
Oliver Blacklock
Graduate employers are keen to employ ECS students because it has a worldwide reputation for high calibre students that get a good mix of practical, design and project work.
Amal Elhawrani
I have thoroughly enjoyed studying, researching and working here and would encourage other potential students to consider the University. A degree from Southampton is a great start to a career.
Dr James Pilgrim
My supervisors both on my BEng and my PhD were excellent in their fields and this raises the expectations from their students. If you are choosing Computer Science I wouldn’t know a better place to study than Southampton.
Davide Zilli
The knowledge I acquired at the University of Southampton easily allowed me to find a job as soon as I went back home to Azerbaijan after graduation, in one of the leading IT companies, AtaTechnology. I was working as a full-stack Web Developer applying my knowledge gained at the University in real-life projects.
Eldar Alasgarov
More than anything, I think that having a comfortable, relaxed, but keen attitude to interviews is probably the best way of getting the jobs you want.
David Walker
Southampton provided excellent learning opportunities during my studies.
Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry
My degree helped to develop my ability to model and conceptualise which is essential to much architecture and design work.
Simon Tait
The courses are well grounded and diverse, the research is excellent, and the teaching is excellent.
Mark Goulding
My career has changed a number of times. I've been an engineer, a commercial analyst, model builder, a trading and risk management specialist and a financial analyst.
Gary Howorth
My time at Southampton shaped my future in many ways. It provided me with a first-class education as well as the opportunity to broaden my perspectives on the world through my friendship with fellow students and researchers.
Teck-Seng Low
Southampton offers a really rigorous grounding with the right compromise between breadth and depth which provides the knowledge and confidence to tackle the range of projects and issues that arise in a professional career.
Peter Boait
Southampton still has one of the best and most prolific Electronics Departments in the UK.
Tariq Durrani
The University itself is a fine and very friendly institution. The city has a lot to offer as well.
David Bell
Achieving a good degree can set you up for life, but equally the time at University brings a maturity that is important in relationships, social skills and much more.
William Webb
I would advise people thinking about coming here not to be nervous – get stuck in and make the most of your time. There is so much support and, although you may not realise it, everyone has the same challenges to face. That’s what pushes you together
Robin Johnson
I chose to do my PhD at ECS because I had a positive experience of the school during my MSc and enjoyed being part of it.
Sanaz Yeganefard
Southampton University has a good reputation for electronic engineering and this leads to an immediate level of trust and respect from new co-workers and collaborators which I have found helpful in accelerating career opportunities and progression.
David Payne
Work hard, stay motivated and get to know the people you study and hang out with. Turn up to lectures and workshops, do not be afraid to ask questions.
Chen Gong
Southampton has one of the premier cleanrooms in Europe, which enabled me to carry out cutting-edge experiments and generate novel results. The university also has world-leading researchers and academics to guide the way and an international reputation.
Xiaoqing (Sally) Shi

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