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Found 14 positions.

Job title Category
Research Fellow - Computer Science (1152619FP)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow (1103919FP-R)Education, Research & Enterprise
Research Fellow: 2D Metal Dichalcogenides (1152319FP)Education, Research & Enterprise
EPSRC ICASE Scholarship in Autonomous Systems in collaboration with Thales UK (1150619FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - A development methodology for cyber-secure safety-critical software systems (1150919FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
Research Fellow (1130519FP-R)Education, Research & Enterprise
PhD studentship: UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Machine Intelligence for Nano-electronic Devices and Systems (MINDS) (1146519FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Renewable Integration in Power Systems: Challenges in Estimation and Control (1143319FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: High temperature measurement on static and rotating machinery (1138719FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Printed electronics for e-textiles (1138819FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Automated Verification and Synthesis through Coalgebras (1129019FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship - Combined effects of electromechanical and thermal stresses on power cables for offshore renewable energy (1121519FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studetnship - Small Power for Big Things: Micro-Thermoelectric Generator powering Internet of Things (1121619FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)
PhD Studentship: Human-Machine Teaming and Explainable Artificial Intelligence (1100519FP)PhD Studentship (Funded)

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