The University of Southampton
Code Name
COMP1056Web Design
COMP1202Programming I
COMP1203Computer Systems I
COMP1204Data Management
COMP1205Professional Development
COMP1206Programming 2
COMP1208Business Information Systems
COMP1209System Design
COMP1214Systems & Platforms
COMP1215Foundations of Comp Sci
COMP1216Software Modelling and Design
COMP1217Foundations of IT
COMP2201Groups, Teams and Leaders
COMP2202Database and Database Applications
COMP2203Application Scripting
COMP2204Computer Networking in Organisations
COMP2205Commercial Aspects of IT
COMP2207Distributed Systems and Networks
COMP2208Intelligent Systems
COMP2209Programming III
COMP2210Theory of Computing
COMP2211Software Engineering Group Project
COMP2212Programming Language Concepts
COMP2213Interaction Design
COMP2214Advanced Software Modelling and Design
COMP2215Computer Systems II
COMP3200Part III Individual Project
COMP3201Cyber Security
COMP3202Knowledge, Information & Society
COMP3203Serious Games
COMP3204Computer Vision
COMP3206Machine Learning
COMP3207Cloud Application Development
COMP3208Social Computing
COMP3210Advanced Computer Networks
COMP3211Advanced Databases
COMP3212Computational Biology
COMP3214Principles and Practice of Computer Graphics
COMP3215Real-Time Computing and Embedded Systems
COMP3217Secure Systems
COMP3218Game Design and Development
COMP6060MSc Project for DTC Complex Systems Simulation
COMP6200MSc Project
COMP6201E-Business Strategy
COMP6202Evolution of Complexity
COMP6203Intelligent Agents
COMP6204Software Project Management and Development
COMP6205Web Development
COMP6206Advanced Computer Vision
COMP6207Advanced Intelligent Agents
COMP6208Advanced Machine Learning
COMP6209Automated Code Generation
COMP6210Automated Software Verification
COMP6212Computational Finance
COMP6214Open Data Innovation
COMP6215Semantic Web Technologies
COMP6216Simulation Modelling for Computer Science
COMP6217The Science of Online Social Networks
COMP6218Web Architecture
COMP6219Designing Usable and Accessible Technologies
COMP6220Qualitative Research Methods for Assessing Technology
COMP6221Computational Thinking
COMP6223Computer Vision (MSc)
COMP6224Foundations of Cyber Security
COMP6226Software Modelling Tools and Techniques for Critical Systems
COMP6228Individual Research Project
COMP6229Machine Learning (MSc)
COMP6230Implementing Cyber Security
COMP6231Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
COMP6233Topics in Computer Science
COMP6234Data Visualisation
COMP6235Foundations of Data Science
COMP6236Software Engineering and Cyber Security
COMP6237Data Mining
COMP8006Introduction to Statistical data Analysis in Research
COMP8010Differential Equations and Simulations
ELEC1028TT Personal Tutorial
ELEC1029TT Electronic Labs Yr1
ELEC1200Electronic Circuits
ELEC1202Digital Systems and Microprocessors
ELEC1204Advanced Programming
ELEC1205Solid State Devices
ELEC1206Electrical Materials and Fields
ELEC1207Electronic Systems
ELEC2024TT Electronic Labs Yr2
ELEC2026TT Electrical & Electromechanical Labs Yr2
ELEC2204Computer Engineering
ELEC2205Electronic Design
ELEC2208Power Electronics and Drives
ELEC2209Electrical Engineering Design
ELEC2210Applied Electromagnetics
ELEC2211Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ELEC2212Electromagnetism for Communications
ELEC2213Electrical Machines
ELEC2214Circuits and Systems
ELEC2215Power Circuits
ELEC2216Advanced Electronic Systems
ELEC2217Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design
ELEC2219Electromagnetism for EEE
ELEC2220Control and Communications
ELEC2221Digital Systems and Signal Processing
ELEC2222Circuits and Transmission
ELEC3200Industrial Studies
ELEC3201Robotic Systems
ELEC3202Green Electronics
ELEC3203Digital Coding and Transmission
ELEC3204Wireless and Optical Communications
ELEC3205Control System Design
ELEC3206Digital Control System Design
ELEC3207Nanoelectronic Devices
ELEC3208Analogue and Mixed Signal Electronics
ELEC3210Design Studies
ELEC3211High Voltage Engineering
ELEC3213Power Systems Engineering
ELEC3214Power Systems Technology
ELEC3215Fluids and Mechanical Materials
ELEC3216Mechanical Power Transmission and Vibration
ELEC3218Signal and Image Processing
ELEC3219Advanced Computer Architecture
ELEC3221Digital IC and Systems Design
ELEC3222Computer Networks
ELEC3223Introduction to Bionanotechnology
ELEC6003MSc Project
ELEC6021Research Methods
ELEC6050Group Project A
ELEC6104Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory Project
ELEC6109Nano-Electronics Laboratory Project
ELEC6128EMECS MSc Project
ELEC6200Group Design Project
ELEC6202Advanced Memory and Storage
ELEC6203Introduction to MEMS
ELEC6204Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chip
ELEC6206Nanofabrication and Microscopy
ELEC6207Quantum Devices and Technology
ELEC6208MEMS Sensors and Actuators
ELEC6209Practical Application of MEMS
ELEC6211Project Preparation
ELEC6212Biological Inspired Robotics
ELEC6213Image Processing
ELEC6214Advanced Wireless Communications Networks and Systems
ELEC6215Integrated RF Transceiver Design
ELEC6216Personal Multimedia Communications
ELEC6217Radio Communications Engineering
ELEC6218Signal Processing
ELEC6219Wireless and Mobile Networks
ELEC6220Power Systems Analysis
ELEC6221Power Generation: Technology and Impact on Society
ELEC6222Power and Distribution
ELEC6223Fundamental Principles of Energy
ELEC6224Advanced Electrical Materials
ELEC6225High Voltage Insulation Systems
ELEC6226Power Electronics for DC Transmission
ELEC6227Medical Electrical and Electronic Technologies
ELEC6228Applied Control Systems
ELEC6229Advanced Systems and Signal Processing
ELEC6230VLSI Systems Design
ELEC6231VLSI Design Project
ELEC6232Analogue and Mixed Signal CMOS Design
ELEC6233Digital Systems Synthesis
ELEC6234Embedded Processors
ELEC6235SOC Design Project
ELEC6236Digital System Design
ELEC6237System on Chip Electronic Design Automation
ELEC6238Research Skills and Practice
ELEC6240Digital Control System Design (MSc)
ELEC6241System on Chip Design Techniques
ELEC6243Control System Design (MSc)
ELEC6245Wireless Networks
ELEC6247Group Design Project (Overseas Placement)
FPProvisional000002DEMO3 - test module for USMC
FPProvisional000003ELEC3 - USMC3208 - Power Electronics for Mechatronics Systems
FPProvisional000004ELEC3 - USMC 3211 Electromechanical tranduscers
FPProvisional000006ELEC6 - Bionanotechnology
FPProvisional000008ELEC3 - USMC 3217 Mechatronic System Design Exercise
FPProvisional000009ELEC3 - USMC3214 Circuits and Mechatronic Systems
FPProvisional000010ELEC3 - USMC3216 Advanced Electrical and Electronic Systems
FPProvisional000011ANTH1 - HCI
OPTO6002Solid State and Ultrafast Lasers
OPTO6003Photonic Materials
OPTO6004Metamaterials, Nanophonics and Plasmonics
OPTO6007An Introduction to Silicon Photonics
OPTO6008Optical Fibre Technology I
OPTO6009Optical Fibre Technology II
OPTO6010Advanced Fibre Telecommunication
OPTO6011Optical Fibre Sensors
OPTO6013Industrial Dissertation (R&D)
OPTO6014Industrial Project (R&D)
PHYS6023Photonics Laboratory and Study Skills
WEBS1001Info, Tech and Social Change
WEBS2002Interdisciplinary Grp Project
WEBS6200Project and Dissertation - Web Science
WEBS6201Foundations of Web Science
WEBS6202Further Web Science
WEBS6203Interdisciplinary Thinking