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ECS tackles future challenges in electronics

Published: 7 February 2007

A glimpse into the future of pervasive electronics, and a novel method for fabricating electronic sensors, will be presented at the University of Southampton next week.

These significant advances in electronics made in the School of Electronics & Computer Science (ECS) will be addressed by Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi and Professor Neil White when they deliver their inaugural lectures on Wednesday 14 February.

A champion in the quest to improve the reliability of low-power embedded computing systems of the type used in devices such as mobile phones, Professor Al-Hashimi will present a lecture entitled Mobile to Pervasive: A Journey in Electronics Design.

In his talk, Professor Al-Hashimi will discuss the innovative research which has enabled mobile electronics technology to develop to the point where it has become pervasive and, in the near future, could contribute to solving some of society’s large-scale challenges in the fields of energy and healthcare.

Professor Neil White, who has hit the headlines recently for his work on the development of the ‘Southampton Hand’, a new prosthetic hand which not only mimics the motion of a human hand, but also has ‘senses’, will demonstrate how screen printing, one of the oldest forms of graphic reproduction, can be used to fabricate sensors. A wide variety of different devices will be covered and examples given of their use in some unusual scenarios.

Professor White's lecture is entitled 'The Sixth Sense: A study of film sensorship.'

Professor White’s work on developing self-powered sensors has been well documented and work is currently under way to miniaturise such devices to the size of a 5p coin.

Members of the public are welcome to attend this event which will take place in the Lecture Theatre, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University Road, University of Southampton at 3.30pm on Wednesday 14 February. Tea is available in the foyer from 3 pm.

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