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Robot research challenges under the spotlight

Published: 3 May 2007

Rodney Brooks, one of the world's leading researchers in AI, will be lecturing at ECS on Tuesday 15 May.

Professor Rodney Brooks is Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research is concerned with both the engineering of intelligent robots to operate in unstructured environments, and with understanding human intelligence through building humanoid robots.

In his lecture to the School of Electronics and Computer Science, he will be addressing the four key research challenges that must be met if robots are to become truly useful. These involve understanding their surroundings, being able to physically act on objects in the home, to communicate with the occupants in an easy and natural way, and to understand some subtleties of human interactions.

In the United States there are currently over 2 million floor-cleaning robots in US homes and demographics will increase the demand for home-robots and new applications.

Professor Brooks will look at how AI is responding to this need.

The lecture takes place at 5 pm on Tuesday 15 May, in the Nightingale Lecture Theatre, University Road, Southampton. No tickets are required and all are welcome.

This lecture is a 60th anniversary event for the School of Electronics and Computer Science.

For further information contact Joyce Lewis (

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