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Optoelectronics lecture attracts large audiences in Delhi

Published: 30 August 2007

Professor Harvey Rutt, Head of School of Electronics and Computer Science, lectured on advances in optoelectronics last week to students of Delhi Public School, Rohini.

His lecture was held under the auspices of the Delhi College of Engineering Chapter of the SPIE. Professor Rutt is a regular visitor to India and has undertaken many lectures there over recent years. 'I am very pleased to give these talks,' he said. 'They attract large audiences who seem fascinated by the technology. Many have no idea that they use optoelectronics every day, every time they use the Internet, make a long-distance phone call, or a banking transaction.

'The lectures often lead to very lively question and answer sessions - sometimes making me think very hard to answer a question which goes right back to basics, or comes from an unfamiliar angle.'

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