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New electromagnetic modelling tool developed

Published: 19 November 2007

A powerful new electromagnetic modelling tool has been developed with the help of ECS which could save companies time and money as they realise their design goals.

The latest release of the well-known electromagnetic simulation tool, Opera, was designed and created by Vector Fields in partnership with the University of Southampton.

Opera version 12 provides users with integrated design-simulate-optimise tools to create design models, simulate electromagnetic behaviour (and optionally related physics including temperature and mechanical stress), post-process results, and iterate the concept to reach the optimal solution.

Opera is available in numerous variants, with generic 2D and 3D finite element analysis (FEA) solvers for static and time-varying electromagnetic fields, and with application-specific solvers for design work involving rotating machinery, superconducting magnets, particle beams, dielectric insulation, and magnetisation/demagnetisation processes. The latest release extends the performance of many of these solvers to enhance simulation fidelity and speed.

‘This powerful tool was developed as a result of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University and Vector Fields,’ said Professor Jan Sykulski of the Electrical Power Engineering group in the School of Electronics and Computer Science.

"Opera's integrated design-simulate-optimise toolchain allows organisations to reach the optimal solution much faster - eliminating the huge cost associated with physical design iteration cycles,’ added Dr Kevin Ward at Vector Fields. ‘The incredible amount of intellectual property built into this toolsuite can cut months from the most challenging of projects.’

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