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Data modelling from abstract to applications

Published: 6 December 2007

Dr Ivan Markovsky studied in Bulgaria, the USA, and Belgium, before coming to ECS as a lecturer in the Information: Signals, Images, Systems group.

A major part of his PhD work was devoted to applying an extension of the classical least squares method to data modelling. Through his studies, he recognised that a large class of problems can be treated with one and the same algorithm, while previously each problem required a new algorithm. This was a significant breakthrough which allows data modeling stages to be bypassed thus resulting in considerable time savings.

Ivan joined ECS in January 2007 and plans to find more applications for the method that he is developing and to promote it as a universal framework for data modelling.

'Although I'm not a mathematician, I love mathematics,' he said. 'Engineering is a discipline where rigorous thinking is very important. I look forward to making the abstract theory useful in applications.'

Read our profile of Ivan Markovsky.

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