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ECS offers new MSc in Artificial Intelligence

Published: 18 December 2007

A new MSc programme in Artificial Intelligence is now recruiting students for October 2008. The course provides a wide view of the challenges and solutions in this exciting area.

The new MSc programme aims to deepen students’ interest and to provide a wide view of the challenges and solutions that exist. It is research-led and incorporates both traditional and state-of-the art aspects of AI and Machine Learning, opening the path to many different subject areas and technologies.

‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are becoming ever more prevalent in our society, ‘ says Dr Craig Saunders, Joint Course Leader. ‘In the context of AI, people often think of computer programs that play chess, or a futuristic world where advanced humanoid robots walk among us. This type of robotics is perhaps far distant, however, in reality, AI and machine-learning techniques are already widespread.’

Web search, weather prediction, financial forecasting and 'personal recommended items' on shopping and music websites are just a few examples where the technologies are already employed and familiar to millions of people. Dr Saunders also instances state-of-the-art research in bio-informatics and chemo-informatics where proteomics and genomics are benefitting from novel algorithms, as well as spam filtering, opponent AI in modern games such as HALO 3, and of course, robotics.

‘There is already a diverse range of applications for these technologies, says Dr Saunders. ‘Although each of the domains requires specific techniques to deal with its unique demands and requirements, the commonality between them is that in each case we want some sort of automated decision that seems “reasonable” or “intelligent” by an agreed measurement.’

The course enables participants to study the fundamentals of all aspects of intelligent algorithms with the freedom to choose options and specialise where desired. Topics in the course cover a skill base which is in very high demand from the academic research community as well as a wide range of industrial companies covering sectors from biotechnology to finance.

Read about the new programme on our MSc pages.

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