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Mischa keeps a diary with a difference

Published: 17 June 2008

ECS researcher Mischa Tuffield is building an electronic log of everything he does, as part of the Memories for Life project co-ordinated in the School.

In a long article in the Daily Telegraph, Mischa explains that he archives all the data he gathers, both personally and from the Web, into a searchable format.

Dr Kieron O’Hara, a Senior Research Fellow in ECS, is quoted as saying: ‘Why should I bother to remember a boring work conversation when I could record it, have it automatically annotated and render it searchable with clever language recognition technologies?’And Professor Wendy Hall suggests that in future people will have wearable ‘memory aids’.

The Memories for Life project (M4L) brings together psychologists, neuroscientists, sociologists and computer scientists will lead to a more effective use and management of both the human and computerised memory. It will place the technology in the context. M4L aims to produce an understanding of what is common in memory systems and use that knowledge to improve efficiency, recall and information management across human, personal, social and work domains.

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