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Sixteen ECS runners compete for Action against Hunger

Published: 19 June 2008

Sixteen ECS Researchers and PhD students raised £700 for Action against Hunger by taking part in the WADAC & AAIR 10K race in Winchester.

Despite the heat on the day and painfully steep hills of Winchester, everyone in the group finished the race and most of them completed it in less than an hour. Manuel Salvadores came in first from the group at an impressive 39 minutes.

The group, comprising a few seasoned runners and many new runners, trained since February for their race (led by Jenny Sorge and Noura Abbas). Everyone completed the run in about an hour and some even had enough energy to dash towards the finish line. Jenny Sorge, Noura Abbas and Nishadi De Silva won the Women's Business Team category.

The fundraising page for Action against Hunger is still available and all donations will be gratefully received. Action against Hunger works in over 40 countries to combat malnutrition and improve access to clean drinking water. All contributions, big and small, count; as little as £5, for instance, can feed 30 children in Malawi. In addition to the online fundraising page, the running team also organised a free cake stall in ECS to raise awareness about the run and the charity.

The ECS team members were: Jennifer Sorge, Noura Abbas, Ana Graca, Nishadi De Silva, Paulo Matos, Bene Rodriguez, Ross Horne, Manuel Salvadores, Rikki Prince, Dirk De Jager, Antonio Morgado, Ida Griffith, Luke Teacy, Ruben Stranders, and Yangang Wang. So, ECS has now truly caught the running bug and even more runners are signing up for the New Forest Half Marathon (September) wanting to run better and faster than before! Other races and relays in the South are also being looked at. ,Who says that computer scientists are geeks that never look away from their computer screens? We think not!', they say!

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