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ECS graduate provides advice on breaking into gaming

Published: 24 November 2008

ECS Computer Science graduate Tony Ambrus returned to the School last week to give a lecture to current undergraduate students.

Tony Ambrus is now a graphics programmer from Rare, and his talk to students provided advice on how to break into the games industry.

Tony gave an entertaining and informative talk that described his enthusiastic views on working for a game developer, discussing the many opportunities that exist for graduates and also providing insight into what game developers look for in applicants.

For students who wish to break into the games industry, Tony emphasised the importance for students to develop technical demos that show their ability to produce software that could be used within a game.

Developing games is not only fun for students, but it also allows them to put into practice many techniques they learn as an undergraduate in the School, from working on larger software engineering problems to implementing advanced AI techniques.

Tony graduated from the School in 2007 with an MEng Computer Science. Before he graduated, he had secured his position at Rare and not long after starting he was working on projects for their latest game.

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