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Prize-winning students in ECS

Published: 28 November 2008

Thirty-five student prizewinners from Years 2, 3, and 4, received their awards at a ceremony in the School this week.

The prizes were awarded on the basis of the students' outstanding work over 2007-8, and were presented by the Head of School, Professor Harvey Rutt, Susan Davis (Tony Davies Memorial Award), Steve Williams (NDS Prize), Rob Wilson (Selex S&AS Prize) and Alan Perry (IBM Hursley Prize). Eric Cooke, School Senior Tutor, congratulated all the students on their achievements.

The Prizes given were: Netcraft Prizes for Computer Science - Tristan Aubrey-Jones; Richard Clarke; Christopher Davies; Christopher Franklin; Nicholas Jones; Andrej Kazakov; Oliver Parson; Razvan Popescu; Ben Roberts; Harry Rose; Vitaly Savicks; Oliver Wells; William Westrop; Matthew Wilson; Maciej Wojcik; GD Sims Prizes - Christopher Cross; Pak Ho; Stanko Nedic; Zepler Project Prizes - Andrej Kazakov; Josh Bowman; EE Zepler Prizes - Oliver Bills; Cheng Chang; Timothy Lee; Paolo Mennea; Richard Lascelles; Jatin Mistry; Alexis Savva; David Barron Prize - David Sansome; NDS Prize - Tristan Aubrey-Jones; Tony Davies Memorial Prize - Alexis Hajiyiannis; Hursley Computer Prize - Alex Jordan; Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems Prize - Darko Matovski; Detica Prize and Adam Rutherford Prize - Matthew Wilson; National Grid Prize - Hoang Linh Truong; National Grid Prize - Maizatul Subian; Active Navigation Prize - Christopher Davies; Eddy Herman Memorial Prize – Daniel Bradberry.

The Head of School (GD Sims and EE Zepler) Prizewinners are pictured here.

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