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Merging personal and work space through the Semantic Web

Published: 27 January 2009

Dr Thanassis Tiropanis, who joined the School's Learning Societies Lab last year, is interested in using the power of the Semantic Web to link virtual communities.

After undergraduate study in Greece, Dr Tiropanis moved to the UK where he did his PhD at University College London. He then returned to Athens and worked there for a number of years with Athens Information Technology, before deciding that he wanted to develop his knowledge and expertise in e-learning. 'I knew the Learning Societies Lab (LSL) at ECS could help me do that,' he says.

His work in LSL holds many challenges in education and research. For him, one of the greatest challenges lies in the fact that our work and personal spaces are merging and that information gathered in either world is often relevant to the other.

'When I come to work, I bring all my personality and my contacts,' he said. 'We cannot separate our worlds any longer, they are merging.'

For him, the challenge is how this merger between personal and work space can be managed effectively. He believes that the Semantic Web holds the answers and he plans to influence these developments.

Read more about Thanassis Tiropanis and about the Learning Societies Lab.

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