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Student conference highlights Multimedia Systems

Published: 29 January 2009

This year's Part 3 undergraduate course on Multimedia Systems culminated with a very successful conference held at ECS this month.

The event was organised by the students themselves and was attended by undergraduates, postgraduates and members of the School's academic staff. As well as the opportunity to organise a conference, the event also enables the students to present the results of their research topics.

After a keynote from Dr Les Carr on the use of technology which asked if technology could be used to make people seem smarter ('Does my brain look big in this?'), student presentations included mobile web browsing in the future and an evaluation of Digital Rights Management techniques and effectiveness. During the afternoon there was also a poster session, with posters ranging from the advancement of digital military communication technology, to high definition video.

The conference was sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and Imagination Technologies and representatives of those companies provided demonstrations of latest technology.

'The Multimedia Conference is one of our most enjoyable student events,' said Dr David Millard, who teaches the course. 'It brings together the research and teaching aspects of the School and gives students the chance to participate in a real academic process. For many it is also the inspiration for postgraduate work and their first step to a career as a professional academic or researcher.'

Read more about the Multimedia Systems course.

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