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ECS Lab ducks held to ransom for Comic Relief

Published: 13 March 2009

Yellow ducks are usually everywhere to be seen in the postgraduate labs of two ECS research groups. But today they are behind bars, being held ransom for Comic Relief.

The mystery of the Lab ducks and their popularity is shrouded in ECS history. But they have become a very visible feature of the research bays of the Intelligence, Agents and Multimedia group and the Learning Societies Lab. Until now they have cohabited very happily with the postgraduate researchers, but yesterday they were taken hostage and are currently being held to ransom until enough money has been contributed to Comic Relief to secure their freedom. Collections are being made throughout ECS.

Today, Friday 13 March, is Red Nose Day and many of the School's students and staff are supporting the event by doing something funny for money!. UPDATE: £258.26 was raised by ransoming the ducks, and from a collection in the Undergraduate Computing Lab, undertaken by Maggie Bond and Heather Doswell.

The School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton is a large multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan community. We are committed to upholding diversity and opportunity throughout the School.

For further information contact Joyce Lewis; tel.023 8059 5453.

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