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New students get video commandments for Lab 'etiquette'

Published: 29 September 2011

Not written in stone but in the form of a YouTube video on the ECS News channel, new students at the University of Southampton's ECS-Electronics and Computer Science have received the Ten Commandments of good practice in their computer lab.

The idea for the video came from Andy Newton of the Student Teaching and Computer Support team in ECS. A graduate of ECS himself, Andy realized that early instruction in good lab practice would go a long way towards answering many of the questions that new undergraduates confront in their first weeks in ECS, and also provide a valuable reminder to students in other years.

'Although some of these points might seem obvious, this is a very well-used and busy lab and stress levels are often high at hand-in times,' said Andy. 'Therefore whatever we can do to ensure that all our students are able to make best use of the facility is going to help maintain a good experience for everyone.'

The video was devised and produced by two work experience students - Matthew Gussin, formerly of Barton Peveril College, Eastleigh, and Linus Coley, of Brookfield Community School, with the assistance of Andy Newton, and a realistic voiceover by Chris Gutteridge, ECS Web Projects Manager.

For reference the Ten Commandments of Zepler Computer Lab are:

1. If you bring food into the Lab, tidy up afterwards 2. Respect the equipment 3. When the printer is out of paper, follow the signs and refill the printer 4. Do not smell! Please wash and use deodorants 5. No gaming when the Labs are busy 6. Lock your computer if you go away and log out when away for long periods 7. Do not be noisy in the 'Quiet Area' 8. The Lab is a shared family and behaviour impacts, please respect others 9. Follow the door instructions - swipe your card, wait and then open the door 10.Don't ask the same question repeatedly to the Helpdesk

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