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Undergraduate life in ECS - what our students say

Published: 5 March 2012

A new series of videos about undergraduate life in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton focuses on what our students say - about their coursework, the things they like (free cake) and maybe dislike (deadlines), the atmosphere in a School that combines Electronics and Computer Science, what they do outside their coursework, and what they plan to do when they leave.

The series of eight videos What ECS Students Say gives a great view of undergraduate life in ECS and shows how much our students value the experience they have here.

From the free cake, to the bright yellow decor of the Mountbatten Building, late-nights in the Lab, and the injustice of competing coursework deadlines, What ECS Students Say captures some of the most important elements of student life, but also looks forward to the future: "I think that my best memory of ECS will be all the people I've worked with through my projects and coursework and the friends from my course, because I know that they are people who are going to go on to do really great things in industry and it will be exciting to work with them in the future ... and if not, just to see what they do." (Adam Malpass, 'Best Thing About ECS?')

The full playlist is available on the ECS News Channel on YouTube:

Why did you Choose ECS? How hard are the Courses? What do you do Outside ECS? Best Thing about ECS? Worst Thing about ECS? What's the Atmosphere in the School Like? Plans for the Future? The One with the Out-takes ....

For further information contact: Joyce Lewis; tel.+44(0)23 8059 5453.

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