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Careers Fair continues to make waves!

Published: 8 March 2012

This year’s Careers Fair continues to make waves! BBC Research & Development attended the Fair for the first time and have provided an account of the experience in their new blog. "Our virtual steadicam demo got the students’ attention and they were genuinely interested in how it worked, how it was developed and its potential applications in industry," writes Rosie Campbell.

The atmosphere of the Fair – held on 7 February and the biggest so far, with 66 companies and organizations represented – can also be gauged from our new video ECS Careers Fair 2012.

Many students who will be graduating from ECS-Electronics and Computer Science this summer already have jobs, but many are still considering their options, and new opportunities are being made available to students every day.

ECS students in the middle of their degree programmes are encouraged to do summer internships in companies relevant to their degree programmes, and many are now attending interviews with some of the country’s leading technology companies.

All vacancies notified to ECS are placed on our Careers Hub website which is available to students throughout the University.

Next year's Careers Fair will be held on Tuesday 12 February 2013.

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