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Nigel Shadbolt speaks to Wired about the potential for Open Data

Published: 22 May 2012

In a major interview in this month’s Wired magazine, Professor Nigel Shadbolt outlines the future plans and potential value of the new Open Data Institute which will open in Shoreditch, London, later this year.

The new Institute has been developed with help from the Technology Strategy Board, and was a major element of the Government’s plans to drive economic growth through the application of open data.

"Open data is not just about transparency and accountability”, Professor Shadbolt tells Wired. “There is potential for economic innovation and value to come from it."

While the ODI’s remit is broad, it is intended to focus primarily on helping private and public organizations understand how to make the most of open data. It will also draw on the talent of UK students, focusing on engaging with universities to find graduates with startup ideas or very early-stage businesses. The institute will officially open in September, with a core team of six senior staff and 10-12 others working part time.

Professor Shadbolt tells Wired that he hopes that in five years time it will be a "sustainable institute with a great track record" that will carry on beyond its initial five years of funding. He mentions that representatives from other markets in Europe and Asia will be watching the Institute's performance closely.

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