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BAE Systems Detica: Capture the Flag!

Published: 28 March 2013

BAE System Detica ran a very successful ‘Capture the Flag’ event for students in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science earlier this month.

Focusing particularly on cyber security challenges, the day-long event in the Mountbatten Building provided the opportunity for students to test their ability to break into vulnerable websites, crack ciphers, undertake forensic searches, and do some reverse engineering. The challenges required the usual operating systems to solve, but also tools such as WireShark, Netcat, JP Seek, Strings, and 7zip. Members of the Detica Special Systems team, including a number of ECS graduates, were around all day to provide hints and tips on the challenges and discuss careers in cyber security and software engineering in BAE Systems Detica.

The event was held in association with DevECS, the student development activity.

ECS is one of eight designated academic Cyber Security Centres in the UK, and our undergraduate degrees feature specializations in Mobile and Secure Systems.

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