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Exclusive partnership links ECS and Connectus

Published: 24 October 2013

ECS announces exclusive partnership with specialist technology recruitment consultancy, Connectus.

An innovative partnership is announced between Connectus, the specialist technology recruitment consultancy, and Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) at the University of Southampton, the UK's leading department integrating computer science, electrical and electronic engineering.

ECS and Connectus have a mutual interest in providing high-quality and skilled graduates for the UK’s leading technology companies, and for the long-term health of the industry, and the two organizations will now work together to provide an excellent environment of opportunity for ECS students as they prepare for their careers.

In addition to supporting ECS student societies, taking part in events and conferences, and helping promote ECS research, Connectus will also provide dedicated careers advice and insight through tailored programmes. This will help ensure that ECS students can gain an informed perspective of the industry they will be joining and help them better understand the career options open to them.

‘ECS already has an outstanding record for employability and its graduates have a strong reputation with the UK’s leading companies, but in a highly competitive market, ECS is keen to ensure that its graduates really stand out’, said Professor Neil White, Head of Electronics and Computer Science.

‘We are delighted to have the support and partnership of Connectus in preparing our students to take future leadership roles in industry. Connectus’ specialist advice and knowledge will bring a new and purposeful edge to add to the technical excellence of our degree programmes, ensuring that our graduates are better aware of opportunities in the engineering and technology sector and better prepared to take advantage of them.”

Stuart Feest, Managing Director of Connectus says: ‘Connectus are proud to be partnering with Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. Our teams will be working closely with ECS bodies, such as the Cyber Security society - supporting the students whilst broadening our own consultants' knowledge and experience. We are an international technology recruitment consultancy so the decision to invest in supporting ECS was a simple one. For 65 years their work has inspired personal achievement and their research has not just led the way - it has truly changed the world of technology’.

Connectus, part of the Matchtech Group, is also a member of the Electronics and Computer Science Industrial Advisory Board and the company is part of the ‘Laureates Programme’ affiliated to the ECS Careers Hub.

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