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Robogals Southampton host annual conference for UK executive induction

Published: 2 March 2014

Robogals Southampton has hosted the annual Seminar Inducting New Executives (SINE) conference in only its first year in operation.

The conference provides an opportunity for the new (and outgoing) executive committees of each Robogals chapter in the UK to learn more about the organisation and to share ideas. This year's SINE conference was larger than ever, with 50 attendees from across eight universities: Bristol, Manchester, Imperial College London, Exeter, Liverpool, Loughborough, Cambridge and Southampton. Also in attendance was the Regional Executive Officer (REO) for Robogals UK, Lauren Hassall; the CEO of Robogals, Nicole Brown, and the COO of Robogals, Samantha Cheah.

The conference consisted of three activity-filled days. The first day was hosted by Robogals Southampton's Silver Sponsor, Snowflake Software, at their Southampton office. This included workshops introducing the attendees to Robogals as well as a Robotics workshop by National Instruments (Robogals Southampton's Partner) and a workshop on elevator pitches by Snowflake Software.

The second day was hosted at the University, and consisted of Role-Specific training for the new executives as well as a workshop by Teach First. The day culminated in a Great Gatsby-themed boat party hosted by Robogals Southampton. The boat trip was sponsored by ECS and ARM (Robogals Southampton's Bronze sponsor). Chapter awards were presented during the sail to the Southampton Container Terminal, with Robogals Southampton winning Best Publicity and Best Impact (despite having been in operation for only a year!)

The final day consisted of a trip to SeaCity Museum, a tour of the Zepler Institute cleanrooms, and a talk by ECS Professor Steve Gunn. All attendees had nothing but praise for the conference, with the CEO and COO declaring it the best UK SINE to date!

Photo: SINE conference participants at the workshops event, hosted by Snowflake Software

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