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Published: 4 August 2017
School children at international nanotechnology outreach event

Professor Themis Prodromakis is a leading researcher in electron devices and nanofabrication techniques with a focus on bio-inspired devices. He leads a twenty-strong interdisciplinary team at the University of Southampton and is Director of the Lloyds Register Foundation International Consortium for Nanotechnology, a global initiative for building a safer world with nanotechnologies.

This month, Themis’ work features in both Nature Nanotechnology and the New Scientist.

Introducing the nanoworld

Earlier this year researchers in Themis’ team, supported by the Lloyds Register Foundation, organised an international outreach event with the aim of bringing the nanoscale world and its importance to primary school students. They turned an Athenian hotel room into a cleanroom where 150 8-15yr-olds were introduced to nanotechnology.

Read more about the nanotechnology outreach activities in Nature Nanotechnology.

Brain box: Multitasking chips that can match the human mind

An article in New Scientist explores a radical new computing paradigm in which hardware simultaneously stores and processes information – not unlike networks of neurons in the brain. The article features Themis’ work considering whether memristors could lead to machines that can learn entirely on their own.

Read the full article in New Scientist (publication paywall applies).

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