The University of Southampton

Staff and PhD students from the Tony Davis High Voltage Laboratory attends the 15th Universities High Voltage Network Colloquium (UHVnet)

Published: 17 March 2023

The 15th UHVnet was hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University and features contributions from staff and students of the TDHVL. Dr Istebreq Saeedi presented as a keynote talk with the title “Tailoring the electrical properties of epoxy resins to suit new generation technologies”. In addition, Xiaobing Wang (PhD student) presented a poster with the title “Study on the thermal ageing performance and electrical properties of polypropylene blended polymers”.

The UHVnet was set up in 2004, by a group of universities (which currently includes, The University of Southampton, Staffordshire University, Cardiff University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Leicester University, Liverpool University, The University of Manchester and The University of Strathclyde). The UHVnet was formed to further the interests of high voltage research within the United Kingdom. Specific objectives of the group include raising the awareness of the research capabilities of group members to UK high-voltage related industry, particularly manufacturers and electricity supply companies.  The UHVNet is an annual colloquium which brings together key players from industry and academia in the field of High Voltage engineering. It also serves as a welcoming platform for PhD students and researchers to present their research to the community.

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