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New senior academic appointments in the School

Published: 30 June 2005

It was announced last week that four members of the School had been awarded Personal Chairs. In addition to the four new appointments: Professor Sheng Chen, Professor Paul Lewis, Professor Manfred Oper, and Professor Mark Zwolinski, Dr Hugh Davis, Head of the Learning Technologies Group in the School, has been appointed as University Director of Education.

Professor Sheng Chen is a member of the Communications Group. His research interests include adaptive signal processing for communications, modelling and identification of nonlinear systems, learning theory and neural networks, finite-precision digital controller design, evolutionary computation methods and optimization.

Professor Paul Lewis is a member of the Intelligence, Agents Multimedia Group. His research centres on the broad area of multimedia knowledge management; in particular, problems in image and video processing and analysis, multimedia annotation and semantic description of media.

Professor Manfred Opper of the Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems Group researches complex adaptive systems, using ideas and techniques of Statistical Physics which allow systems to be studied with many degrees of freedom. In recent years he has applied these ideas to the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for probabilistic data models in Machine Learning.

Professor Mark Zwolinski of the Electronics Systems Design Group has research interests including the design of robust digital systems and modelling of mixed-signal systems. His book Digital Design with VHDL has been translated into Chinese and appeared in many different editions. He is also co-author of a book on Circuit Simulation.

Dr Hugh Davis takes on the new role of University Director of Education. He is Head of the Learning Technologies Group in the School, and was previously Director of Learning and Teaching for the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. His research interests are in learning technology, and the ways in which technology can improve the learning experience, and his current focus is on the use of web and grid services to build an e-Learning Framework.

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