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Winning students achieve best-ever results

Published: 10 January 2006

Each year final year students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Technology in Organisations, undertake a Software Management Exercise, working in teams to manage a virtual software development project. The teams aim to deliver high-quality items on time and within budget, and the winning team achieves the best compromises on cost, timescale, and quality. This year’s results were the best ever, and the victorious team was ‘Industrial Revolutions’, composed of Sam Thompson, Glen Dunnel, Emmanuel Machobane and Ian Bremner, all Part III MEng Computer Engineers. Andrew Brusby, on the third year of his course in Computer Science with Image and Multimedia Systems, gained a record Quality rating of 92.7 in the exercise. Prizes of booktokens were donated by O’Reilly Publishers. Pictured (l-r): Ian Bremner, Emmanuel Machobane, Andrew Brusby, Paul André, and Paul Catton.

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