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I'm a System, Information and Web programmer, and part of the University of Southampton IT Innovation team.

I'm the University Linked Open Data Architect; I designed, built and maintain which is setting the pace for open data from organsations. I'm the author of many little bits of software including Graphite (a PHP Library for working with RDF, inspired by jQuery), Grinder (a cheap and cheerful tool for making RDF from spreadsheets or other tabular data). I am titular lead developer for EPrints, but all the real work is now being done by my colleague Tim Brody.

Along with 6 others I was one of the founders of Thee Temple ov thee Lemur, who made dumb/fun web stuff back before the millenium. In my spare time I like to create subversive, pointless or just plain incorrect RDF documents, and continue to struggle with a debilitating Minecraft addiction.


Research interests

Open Access Repositories, Linked Data, Event Programme Data (conferences, festivals, timetables)



Professional activities

Conferences attended


  • ECS Web Projects & Web Team Manager
  • EPrints: Lead Developer
  • ECS Systems Monitoring and Configuration Database
  • Database and Information Infrastructure for ECS
  • Web Science Trust Webmaster


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Gammer, Nick, Cherrett, T.J. and Gutteridge, Christopher (2013) Delivering bus arrival information at stops via quick response codes: case study of user take-up and reaction in Southampton, United Kingdom At 92nd Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, United States. 13 - 17 Jan 2013. 12 pp.

Gammer, Nick, Cherrett, T.J. and Gutteridge, Christopher (2013) Delivering bus arrival information at stops via QR codes – A case study of user take–up and reaction in Southampton, UK Journal of Transport Geography (doi:10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2013.06.014).

Whitton, Michael, Stark, Isobel, White, Wendy, Gutteridge, Chris and Coles, Simon (2015) Jisc ORCID Pilot at the University of Southampton: summary report , Southampton, GB University of Southampton 9pp.


Telephone: +442380594833


Additional contact details

Twitter: @cgutteridge

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