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Dr Rod Lane PhD CEng MIET

Rodney is a visitor at the University of Southampton school for Electronics and Computer Science, where he acts as an Industry Advisor to the Centre for Medical Technology. He also maintains links to the Research and Innovation Services (RIS) by providing consultancy support for Regulatory Affairs to groups within the university and is also active within the Fortisnet group run as part of the Institute of Life Sciences.

Dr Rodney Lane is the Design Directors and co-owner of Zelemiq Ltd.

Zelemiq is a med-tech company which is working on novel control systems for rehabilitation medical devices used to treat the effects of paralysis, and non-invasive methods of monotoring blood glucose levels for application to diabetes.  Rodney has an extensive knowledge of the design and regulatory requirements for developing medical devices. He has degrees in Electronics Engineering and Behavioural studies as well as a PhD in the novel use of bio-signals for the control of wearable medical systems used to treat the effects of paralysis and is a named inventor on four medical device patents. He previously led the New Product Development team for the NHS spin-out company Odstock Medical Ltd. at Salisbury Hospital. He went on to work at The University of Southampton in a technology transfer role before co-founding Zelemiq 2017. He has clinical experience having worked for many years as a biomedical engineer in a research capacity, this along with the understanding of regulatory affairs makes him ideally capable of managing or contributing project were there is a responsibility for the proper carrying out of clinical studies. 


Research interests

Biosignal feedback control of body-worn medical devices

Combined heat and power solar systems


The relevance and importance of researching and developing within a regulatory affairs framework as a way to ensure a sucessful commercialisation.

Medical device regulatory affairs


Lane, R.P., Chappell, P.H. and Matthews, M.J.A. (2015) Combined dropfoot treatment using dynamic splinting with FES: a case study. IFESS15: Fifth Conference of the UK and Ireland Chapter of the International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society. 07 - 08 May 2015. p. 63 .


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