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Xiaoyu Zhang (Colin) received the BEng degree in electronic information engineering from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) in 2014, and the MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Southampton in 2015 and 2020, respectively. He is currently a Visiting Fellow to the Next Generation Wireless research group at the University of Southampton.


Research interests

Modulation, error correction and other signal processing techniques in wireless and optical communications.

5G physical layer design techniques, such as channel estimation, channel equalisation, milimetre wave and massive MIMO.


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Liu, Haochen (2022) Dataset supporting the article - Deep Learning Assisted Adaptive Index Modulation for mmWave Communications with Channel Estimation. University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D2250 [Dataset]

Liu, Haochen, Zhang, Yaoyuan, Zhang, Xiaoyu, El-Hajjar, Mohammed and Yang, Lie-Liang (2022) Deep learning assisted adaptive index modulation for mmWave communications with channel estimation. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. (doi:10.1109/TVT.2022.3181825).


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