The University of Southampton

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratory

Level 2/59

The space in zoned into five areas A-E.

Zones A-C: General purpose teaching space

These contain a new bespoke lab bench that will accommodate the standard test equipment (3xPSU, Oscilloscope/Logic Analyser, Digital Bench Multimeter and Arbitrary waveform generator) alongside a modern PC with dual 27” monitors.

EEE Plan Image

Bespoke laboratory bench video

In total there are 112 benches kitted out with the following:
  • 2 x TTi EL302R PSU (Linear regulation: 0-30V/2A)
  • 1 x TTi EL155R PSU (Linear regulation: 0-15V/5A)
  • 1 x Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (200MHz, four analogue/16 digital channels)
  • 1 x Hameg HMC8012 Digital Multimeter
  • 1 x Arbitrary Waveform Generator (50MHz, Dual channel)
  • 1 x High spec PC
  • 2 x Dell U2715H 27” QHD Monitor (2560 x 1440 resolution)
  • 1 x Saleae Logic Pro 8 Logic Analyser
Zone D: Machine Sets

This area contains 16 benches dedicated to Electrical Engineering experiments.

Zone E: Interactive Teaching Area

This area is used for project presentations, pre-lab lectures, live demonstrations of practical tasks and a range of other interactive approaches for staff and visitors

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