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Group Design Projects

Our group design projects provide an exceptional opportunity to put your skills into practice and experience working for an industry or academic customer. As part of a small team of students from different electronics and computer science disciplines, you’ll design and implement an innovative solution to a real-world problem, at the same time developing your transferable skills.


Last year, Electronic Engineering students, were commissioned by an employer to develop an automated greenhouse system for urban environments. Dominic M demonstrates the system in this film and you can also read more about Dom's experience as a student here.


The Soton GT team

Racing into NXP Cup Final

Electronics and computer science students built a high speed autonomous racing car as part of their GDP, programming it to guide itself and adapt to changing environmental parameters. The team have qualified for the international NXP Cup Final.

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Making waves with bio-inspired robotics

As part of their Biologically-Inspired Robotics module, a group of five students created an innovative robotic fish, designed to imitate the natural sub-carangiform locomotion of a fish. It was built in ECS labs and tested in the University's towing tank.

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Designing a CubeSat

ECS students joined forces with students from Engineering to design, build and fly a CubeSat - University of Southampton Small Satellite, UoS3. The ECS projects focused on circuitry for power, communications and computation.

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Applications of Energy-Driven Computing

MSc Embedded Systems student, Uvis Senkans, has been researching a battery-free bicycle computer measuring cycling speed, distance and time, that is powered entirely from the energy harvested from a small magnet mounted on the wheel.

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