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Robogals Southampton is part of an international group of students with the collective aim of encouraging young girls to think about taking up computing, engineering, science and technology.

ECS Robogals Southampton

Through fun, educational initiatives, Robogals challenge the idea that robotics and computer science subjects are just for the boys.

Activities use Lego’s NXT robotics to test computing logic and robotics systems in order to produce a robot capable of achieving defined tasks. 

Robogals arrange regular challenges and competitions around the country, which are suitable for young people and parents alike. They also regularly visit primary and secondary schools to allow young people to get hands on with technology.

Gaming workshops using Raspberry Pi and Scratch
Gaming workshops using Raspberry Pi and Scratch

We are able to offer one day gaming workshops using small raspberry pi computers and scratch, software that teaches programming to beginners using a simple interface.

The day would include an introduction to games design using scratch, where students can learn how to construct a working maze game amongst others.  This is supplemented with a talk on the game design industry and demonstrations of computer games and the features that make them what they are.

Code Breaking

ECS outreach code breaking

The University of Southampton are pleased to be able to offer one day code breaking workshops. The day involves setting the class a challenge to crack a mystery along the lines of, Someone has broken into a safe and stolen a bag of diamonds- we need to crack the code to find out who ‘did it’!

Coming soon – nanotech day

We will soon be offering a one-day program to teach young children about nanotechnology.  This delivers an easy to understand introduction to what nano means and is followed up with hands on experiments. 

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To take part in any of these initiatives – at your school or here at the University of Southampton – then please contact us.