The University of Southampton
Tailor-made visits

Do your learners have an interest in particular aspects of electronic engineering or computer science? If so, arrange a drop-in session with us where one of our world-leading experts can spend a few hours working with your students to enhance their knowledge.

These sessions can be complemented with one or more extras below, so you can tailor a day to meet the specific needs of your school and learners.

UCAS hints and tips

We are able to have a session with experts from our UCAS team to give your learners the best advice possible on how to get to the university of their choice.

Session on careers

This is a useful session for learners focuses on careers in electronics and computer science. We tell you where our students are working, our links with industry and what is available in the job market.

Meet our students

This is the chance to meet some current ECS students to ask about university life, what it's like to study at university and life at the University of Southampton.

Meet our famous Rhino: Erica

We have a rhino that we would love you to meet – her name is Erica. Erica is an electronic rhino with a brain built as a collaborative student project by ECS students. We would love to show you how she works and the technology that brings her 'alive'.

Visit one of our world-class research laboratories

Have a personal tour around our nanofabrication, gait (biometrics) or research laboratory.  We have specialist research laboratories that we are able to open for you as part of your visit. If you would like this then please request this on your application.