The University of Southampton

Centre for Hybrid Biodevices

The Centre for Hybrid Biodevices is a world class multi-function level 1 and 2 bio containment lab and provides a state-of-the-art environment where undergraduate students can work side by side with PhD students and Post Doctorate researchers, safely testing biodevices and developing ways to miniaturise analytical equipment to provide automated, more effective and inexpensive ways to analyse samples. Through our links with the University Hospital Southampton, students and researchers can work with biological patient samples (not mimics), pathogens and cell cultures. Cutting edge research carried out here includes working with pathogenic materials to develop new tests for anti-microbial resistance.


From September 2017 the class 1 containment area in the main lab will be used by students in all years including first year undergraduates, who will work in supervised pairs with a PhD student on a range of standard analytical techniques and projects such as Chromatography of amino acids and electro-phoresis to separate DNA and proteins. It is also used for individual third year project work.

Specific modules taught in this lab are:

Bionanotechnology Elec 6205, making simple devices and patterning proteins and growing cells in collaboration with the University’s cleanroom facilities.

Biosensors Elec 6210, testing different glucose sensors and enzyme kinetic sensors.

Facilities and equipment

Main lab – class 1 containment area
Used for teaching at undergraduate level in first and second year.

Main lab – class 2 containment area
Used for research and some third year teaching. Contains confocal microscope and chemical fume hoods.

Cell culture lab
Used for growing cells and sample preparation. Contains incubator, laminar flow hood and centrifuge.

Laser lab
Fully partitioned and secured dark room with safety interlocked doors used for laser experiments.


The Centre for Hybrid Biodevices The class 2 containment area in the main lab is extensively used by PhD students and post-doc researchers for their projects and research.

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Business and Enterprise

In addition to working with visiting students and post-doc researchers from all over the world, the lab facilities are used in collaboration with industry contributors on a wide range of projects and research. There are also strong links with the University Hospital.